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Me and my blog

I have recently acquired Master of Science with merits in Development Studies MSc at London South Bank University.

As part of my MSc course we are studding relevant disciplines to understand and appreciate the problems related to development issues and fully understand the most important debates in development economics.

As part of the course I am working on a dissertation topic related to Youth Unemployment and Social Exclusion in Macedonia. Research and policy design is my main focus and I am using different methodologies related to research in social science. 

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in International Economics (Macedonia), Master´s degree in Foreign Trade (Spain) and Cambridge International Diploma in Business. As part of my Master´s degree final project elaborated an International Marketing Plan for a Spanish company. That is why I love to engage in debates related to foreign trade. It has been my main interest before trying to get my way into International Development.

In Spain I was working for an important international consulting company based in Madrid. Together with my supervisor we were responsible for the creation of this new Business Unit focused on economic cooperation projects in developing countries. Used my language skills in my everyday work for contacting consultants worldwide, offering them a collaboration for the selected project and international organisations for additional information. Did a market research for the department, took active involvement in the proposal writing, analysis of the terms of reference.
I am multilingual and confident speaker that can fully express in written and spoken English, Macedonian and Spanish as my second language. Also, I can communicate at a certain level and fully understand written and spoken Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian. I have a basic knowledge of French and Bulgarian.

As born Macedonian, and nationalized Spanish and now living in the UK I can produce high quality reports in all three languages.

Since 2011 regularly I am submitting blog-posts (www.euroagent.blogspot.com.es and @euroagent) related to different subjects in International Development. Advocacy and campaigning is an important part to raise awareness and engage all parties to improve community lives.

Passionate about different cultures and constant studying and improving, the things I am writing about can be about anything. I feel deeply convinced that my interest, skills and knowledge can make a real difference in trying to find the best way to anything.

That's why Euroagent is constantly searching new ways to everything and new people to work on the best ideas in International Development.

Hope you'll enjoy my blog.

Thank for your visit!

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